About Us

Our mission as a recording company is to identify and present to the international music-loving public world-class, great solo pianists and violinists who have extensively recorded, in the course of their performing careers, their instrumental arts. We are committed to preserving these most rare human accomplishments and not allow them to continue to fall, each generation, into the dust-heaps of history. Our goal is to make such magnificent musical heritages readily and easily available on the internet to music lovers throughout the world for as reasonable a cost as is possible.

When we first heard Carlo Lombardi's new piano recordings in 2007 (recorded between 2003 and 2006)----------having previously attended Carlo Lombardi live performances on many occasions over the past 3 decades-------we knew that we were listening to some of the very best recordings of the standard piano repertoire that we had ever heard, recordings which indisputably indicated the complete maturity of Carlo Lombardi as a great musical artist of our time. These Carlo Lombardi piano recordings, all now being presented here on this website to the public by Musical Artist Records, are an exemplary segment selected by Carlo Lombardi from his gigantic piano repertoire indicating his choices as to what were the most representative solo piano works to have been composed during the Classical and Romantic periods. A piano genius, Carlo Lombardi has mastered and possesses within both his memory and his hands an enormous piano repertoire that includes not less than the entire body of the available solo piano literature composed during the Classical and Romantic periods.



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